Questions and answers

Who do I speak with if I have questions before the appointment?

Please contact Monica, Intake Coordinator, at (913) 631-5800 with any questions.  If she is not available, another member of the Child Assessment Program will assist you. We look forward to seeing your family.

How long will our visit to Sunflower House last?

The length of your appointment depends on how many children in your family are being interviewed or receiving medical exams, what your child discusses, and the length of time needed for you, the detective, social worker and the family advocate to meet. In general, the visit for one child lasts about 2 hours.

How should I tell my child that he/she has to talk about this situation with a stranger – especially if they’ve already disclosed to me?

Tell your child that they will be meeting with someone who is a specialist (or you pick the word that will best relate to your child, i.e. an interviewer, a helper, etc) in talking to children and teenagers.

When should I tell my child this will be taking place?

Give your child enough notice so that they don’t feel it’s a surprise to them but also don’t give them too long a time period to worry about the appointment.

What if my child asks if I’ll be in the room with them?

Assure your child that while they are talking to the social worker, you will be in the room next door talking to someone.

What if my child says they don’t want to do this because they already told their story?

Tell your child that you understand their feelings of frustration, but also tell them how brave they were for telling in the first place and how proud you are of their honesty and bravery.

Should I bring anyone else with me to Sunflower House?

Other parents have found it helpful to bring a friend to help supervise other siblings if they come along with the child who is to be interviewed. The person who allegedly abused your child cannot come to Sunflower House.

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