More than 30 percent of our funding comes from individuals!

On behalf of the children of our community, thank you for your generous support.


$25.00 will provide snacks and drinks to the children and families that come, making their time here more comfortable.


$50.00 will help us provide underfunded schools with a scholarship for the P.S. Happy Bear play.


$100.00 will help us provide 3 professionals with training on child abuse and neglect prevention.


$500.00 will provide a P.S. Happy Bear play for two schools, giving young children the tools to recognize, resist, and report unwelcome touches.


$1000.00 will provide a specialized forensic interview and advocacy services for one family following allegations of abuse.


Any amount will assist with our mission to prevent child abuse.

Looking for an alternative way to donate?

Donate your cell phones and electronic devices and Sunflower House can get the proceeds!

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Sunflower House is a 501 c 3 Charitable Organization and All Donations Are Tax Deductible.

Sunflower House Investment Management Policy Statement
Sunflower House’s Endowment is maintained and managed at the Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The organization’s reserves and other investments are professionally managed.  Performance and compliance with Sunflower House’s Investment Policy is reviewed by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, and the professional investors meet annually with this Committee.  Endowment and Investment reports are provided to the full Board of Directors annually.