Be The Joy

As you celebrate the season, let’s celebrate the children in our lives

Let’s celebrate their innocence.

Innocence.  Isn’t that what makes childhood so precious?  But the reality is that sexual abuse shatters that innocence.  Sunflower House believes that the innocence of children should be protected and it is our job as adults and caregivers to do just that.  Sunflower House invests significant resources in our education programming to teach children and caregivers about recognizing, resisting and reporting abuse.  One local school nurse sent the following note to express how important she believes Sunflower House’s programming is for school children.

“As a victim myself I started the conversation at a very young age with my children and it is an ongoing conversation that I pray will save them from some of the pain I experienced for over a decade as a child. All it would have taken was for someone to tell me “if it feels wrong. It is wrong. And you have a voice.” As parents we don’t realize unless we have personal experience that these conversations actually need to be had. ….. What you are doing now will shape them in a permanent way. I appreciate you and respect the weight of your position. Thank you. As a society we feel immune to things like this. And we aren’t. I am one in ten. And because of that and programs like these, my children don’t have to be. I will pray that this Happy Bear program reaches at least one child in need.”

Sunflower House believes that child abuse is preventable.  If children are taught at an early age about the difference between “welcome” and “unwelcome” touches, and about the importance of not keeping secrets from trusted adults, they are more likely to report unwanted touching earlier than those not receiving education. They are also less likely to believe the abuse is their fault, increasing the likelihood that they will experience better physical and mental health outcomes over time.

Abuse leaves a devastating impact on children.  

Let’s protect children’s innocence.

Let’s help them to find their voice.

Let’s bring joy and innocence back in their lives.

This past year Sunflower House was fortunate to have benefited from the support of Kiewit and we thank them for their support.  Please join them in their commitment to fighting abuse in our community.


A donation today will help Sunflower House continue to educate children across the metro.  Help us make sure all children find their voice.